wannabethin9 (wannabethin9) wrote in ana_thinspire,

i'm so fat ;(

STATS at the start

HEIGHT: 5'2'
AGE: 15
HW: 165
CW: 160
GW: 110
LENGTH: 3 days

this is my first entry..
i need big support..
last summer i got down to 140 pounds,
but, then i started binging and got up to 160,
and just 3 days ago i was on my highest
weight ever.

i started smoking about a week ago,
i never eat breakfast.. but i'm thinking know
to have ice coffee, some fruit and a cigarette
every morning.. is that good to start my metabolism?
and then just the rest of the day drink
water and green tea..
i play soccer 3x a week and in the garage
we have a lot of exercise-things (:

Does someone want to message me and
be my ana-buddy? (:
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