wannabethin9 (wannabethin9) wrote in ana_thinspire,

i desperately need help!

was coming home after a run.. wow,
i'm so weak.. i dunno why, but i can
only run for like a minute or so
and have to stop and breath and i
got so little energy :/ i'm trying
to get my endurance back so i can
go and compete with my team.. can
you maybe help with getting my
endurance back, you know.. tips?
like 3 weeks ago i got a very good
endurance and could run like it
was no problem, not difficult at all,
but since then i have been sick and
haven't been able to turn up on

i've been sick lately and yesterday
i got my appetite back and binged :/
afterwards i purged and then i binged
again last night and binged again, i
couldn't sleep at all, and felt so
weak when i came home after the
run/walk, and just felt as i was
about to faint.. :/ i thought
maybe it could be because of my
purging.. but i really dunno.. i
need help! i've reached my 1. gw and
i don't wanna give up and be a fat loser
i wanna be a skinny bitch! long way to
go.. but i'm gonna do it!

love, rikey
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