wannabe1232 (wannabe1232) wrote in ana_thinspire,

hey my loves

im new to this community thinspo would be lovely girls

todays the start of my new plan...

breakfast :a piece of fruit

Lunch:rice cake and a yogart

do not eat after 5 o'clock ever!

go for a 45 min run everyday...

and ive worked out within 4 weeks i shld loose about 20lbs

any tips or other tricks girls?????

love you all millions and if anyone needs surrport just add me :kaley332@hotmail.com

togeather we'll get eachother through another day :)

kisses and hugs (L) xxxxxxxxxxx
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Hey i am totally cpying your meal plan. I have been out of control these past couple (more like several) days. except i may have to add some dinner if i have it at home with the rents
Do you mind if i add you on msn
I was reading an article in the latest Vogue, and have happened upon a similar article that said that excercising may be counter productive to your metabolism because you're habituating your body to use that many calories. Just thought I'd share, but not to discourage you or critisize you for excercising. Any calorie burn is a good one.