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Tips [ Saturday
July 14th, 2007 1:35am

[ mood | accomplished ]

-Fool your motabalism by constantly changing the number of calories you consume daily. This will prevent your body from going into starvation mode, meaning that the lesser amounts of calories will make you gain weight, thats why you mix it up.
-Take vitamin pills frequently so your body doesnt crave nutrients, causing binges.
-Brush your teeth and tongue all the time. The feeling in your mouth with ease cravings and additionally, food will taste yukky with toothpaste, so whats the point of eating?
-Drink water like a fish. Drink a glass of water, or diet soda every hour on the hour. Drink water everytime you have the urge to snack. Ice water is better because your body will burn more calories to heat it up. Drink water with meals to prevent over eating.


dieting idea inspired by a friend [ Saturday
July 14th, 2007 1:01am

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here goes...
Since I do have to use food sparingly, and snack just a little bit throughout the day, I have these ONLY choices of what to eat:
-Low Calorie Jello
-Celery  it is composed highly of water, it is crunchy, which is said to cause you to eat less, owing to the amount you have to chew it, it is considered catabolic food.
-Carrots are also another safe vegatable. (safest of the safe)
-Salsa and Mustard you can dip vegatables in them, fat free, low cal, salsa brings cravings to an abrupt hault. Spicy foods fire up motabolism.
-Vinegar thought to thoroughly reduce appitite. Drink a table spoon or two before each meal.
-Lemons dipped in a sugar substitute such as Splenda or Nutrasweet.
-Broth (5 cals per cube).
-Egg Whites (much needed protein).
-Lettuce an absolute nothing food.
-Cucumbers very very low cal
-Black coffee (6 calories per 8 oz.)

Along with those food choices throughout the day (most likely not all of those in 1 day, maybe 2 or 3) :
-I would have 2-3 servings of Black Coffee.
-I would have 3-5 servings of diet pills.
-I would have 2-4 servings of diet soda.
-I would have 8-10 servings of water.

So that is my Diet. Use it if you want. Let me know how it works for you though! It really works for me!


My current Status and I found something new to try [ Friday
July 13th, 2007 11:57pm

[ mood | depressed ]

Weight= 160
Height= 5'7
BMI= 25.1

Well my restricting diets.... didnt really go aswell as I planned. So I went shopping and found some weight loss pills. I'm supposed to take 2 twice a day. And apparently I can eat whatever and still lose weight, but eating whatever I want, is not something I'm trying to do even if a pill is helping me. So if I try some restricting AND continue the diet pills, would that be a good idea, and make me lose weight faster? What do you think I should do. PLEASE reply to this, I really need some advice on what to do!! 
As you can see from my status, I REALLY DO NEED SOME ADVICE


My new Strict diet that I'm now on. [ Friday
June 15th, 2007 9:51pm

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi Everyone!!! I would just like to let you all in on my new diet I pretty much came up with for myself (and for anyone that would like to try it for themselves).
So the thing is, I mix up the calories I'm consuming everyday, like for example, one day I'll have 600, then the next day 200, and keep mixing it up like that.
Before I go to bed each night, I drink a laxative tea, then in the morning I drink something that is called the Salt Water Flush, I dont know if any of you have heard about it, but if not, this is what it is.
Basically add 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt mixed with a quarter of lukewarm water.
So it basically flushes out your entire digestive tract.
I'm starting this diet on Monday because I'm going to my boyfriends trailor for Saturday and Sunday so I cant start it then, or they will get suspicious.
So if anyone has tried The Salt Water Flush, please tell me how it worked for you and everything like that.
Also if anyone would like to start the diet with me on Monday please let me know and I would be glad to let you join me.
You can also add me to msn for support and help staying on track. tinkerbellx.x@hotmail.com
With love


Confused [ Thursday
June 14th, 2007 8:12am

After my paltry interview yesterday, I hung out around Lincoln Park, seeing a decent movie at the local theatre that I read about in the New York Times, "Chalk". A lot of small laughs, not quite as funny as "Election", but still entertaining. I felt a twinge of jealousy and attraction towards the usher, probably 19 years old, with a cute pixie-ish haircut and thin as can be. It's so strange...I find very thin girls to be a turnoff and prefer soft, plump ones, yet I'll still get jealous of the slender ones. I imagined kissing her, which would have been lovely, but a part of me also wanted to BE her, to be able to fit into the smallest of clothes and to do what I wanted with how I looked. It enrages me looking in the mirror and seeing this inflexibility...no matter how you slice it, dress me in whatever you want, and I still look like some big bald oaf. At best, I look good in conservative things like suits or preppy-ish clothes, which aren't bad, but a bit white-bread and restricting nonetheless. I hate knowing that I'm always going to look like some boring dad from the suburbs, even while I'm still south of thirty...11 DAYS south, Christ...

Despite these thoughts, I actually worked out last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought...my cousin has a small bedroom set up with weights and I could do it in privacy. I have to start out very light, both because I'm not strong and because of the pattern I follow, so while my first set is easy, the fifth or even sixth set is making my tongue pop out of my mouth and guttural, Pentecostal sounds to emerge from my throat. I shoved all the thoughts back in my head..."what are you doing, now you WANT to build muscle? I thought you were just jealous of that tiny usher, so your reaction is to lift weights?"...and actually finished my workout instead of quitting partway through in depression, despairing over my frame in the mirror.

I felt physically good, but looking at myself pre-shower, I saw the same thing as always...broad shoulders leading to a relatively smaller waist (which would be even smaller if I didn't have a belly), a slightly prominent chest despite no real pecs or definition. Even with next to no muscle, I still have a shape that seems to suggest I do, at least clothed. I sucked in as hard as I could and even twisted my wrists and shoved them into the sides of my chest like I was doing The Chicken, trying to approximate me with a flat chest and no fat, and it was the same shape, pretty much.

I'm still not sorry I worked out, but I'm still consumed with confusion. If you look a way you hate, and you hate the way people see you, do you fight against it even when it seems futile, or do you grudgingly accept your body and its limitations and "work with it", even if you'll resent even the most positive of comments about it? If I persisted and got in superb shape and some girl found it incredibly hot, I'd resent her for it, for wanting that typical guy.
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Plans for today [ Wednesday
June 6th, 2007 7:32am

[ mood | frustrated ]

Today is Wednesday June 06 2007, and its 7:33AM.
Today I'm planning to go all day with NO FOOD, and only water and ice, and MAYBE 1 small glass of juice. I tried lowering calories and then when I give myself food, I tend to crave it until I'm full, and its not working out, so I'm restricting myself EVERYDAY to this water, ice, and 1 small glass of juice diet. Hopfully that will help me lose more weight?
By the way, I'm new to this community, and I'm likeing it.
I need lots of thinspiration and encouragment to push myself harder and harder to do better. Because being in this alone...it's not easy, and you all already know that.
So, I'm 5'7 and I currently weigh 160. I used to weigh the dreadly 180. Urgh that makes me sick to think I would let myself get that fat. I've had anorexia for about a year and a half now. I tried purgeing whenever I'd eat, but I wasnt able to throw up? I'd gage and everything, but I wouldnt throw up, so I gave up on that after afew attempts, and now I'm just restricting myself from food all together.
I dont go to my boyfriends house anymore because he always makes me end up staying for dinner, and they pretty much order food all the time and I end up eating it, which is the worst thing in the world especially because I'm at someone elses house and am not able to purge it there, they would get suspicious.
My boyfriend already knows I have weight issues and that I'm skipping meals sometimes, but he doesnt know I have anorexia, he just thinks I'm not that hungry yet and will eat later or something.
So anyone with any Thinspiration or ideas, or anything at all for me, it would be great and mostly apprieciated.
Thankyou so much girls and guys, I love you all!!


Hey [ Sunday
May 27th, 2007 7:19pm

Hey, I'm Cali.
I'm 5'0" and 115 pounds (down 9 from 3 days ago!)
My goal is to eventually weigh 98 pounds, and add more definition to my waist.
Either 36-24-36 or 32-24-34. Can't decide.
I've already done the 24 inch ribbon, its hanging from inside my calender, a bit like a present I only know the meaning of.
I've been anorexic since the summer before Freshman year, then I steadily gained the weight back (plus 10 pounds) thanks to over concerned friends and a father whose has a degree in psychology. I've always had tendencies, but just these past couple of months its become nearly full blown, but I've embraced Ana. Because she is fabulous, like me.

I'm the one that makes others feel better about being big... [ Monday
May 21st, 2007 7:20pm

Hello, my first post here...

Seeing as how I'm like twice the weight of anyone here, I can't help but feel self-conscious. I'm probably about 230-235 right now at 6'3", I'd like to be 165, but I don't know if even losing that much weight will get rid of what I truly hate, which is my chest and shoulders. I hate being tall, too, but I can't exactly fix that.

I'm not sure if "thinspiration" is even going to work for me, since everyone tells me that no matter how little I'm willing to eat, nothing is going to get rid of my upper body. I know I'm stuck being tall, and I know I'm stuck being bald, so I feel ugly enough as is without being stuck being big as well. I'm aware that some girls actually LIKE big guys, and some guys wish they were bigger, but that's irrelevant to me since I don't really want to date a girl who loves how big I am....and that's the first thing most girls notice about me.

I'm kind of at an impasse here...one rational side of me thinks that there's no way to change my build. Obviously I can stand to lose more weight, but I don't want to just lose around my middle or I'll be V-shaped, and that's the last thing I want. If I'm stuck with that at best, I'm screwed.

hey. [ Tuesday
January 13th, 1970 4:40am

I'm Hilary, and I'm a 16 year old dancer. I'm 5'6" and weigh 112 pounds.

This is the first time I've admitted to being an Ana, and I have to say, I'm a little nervous. I first heard Ana's voice six months ago. I started eating about 900 calories a day, and in about a month, I had lost 10 lbs. I got really scared and made myself eat normally again. Ballet is the most important thing in my life, and having an ED can really screw dancers up. My ballet teacher (she is my user pic), is almost 50 and has been an Ana her whole life. She will kill me if she finds out. My mom will make me quit dancing. That was enough to make me want to eat again. But I couldn't lose Ana. She was still inside me.

So I'm back to restricting now, but I'm being careful not to lose weight so fast that I get hurt or that my ballet teacher gets worried. Which will be hard because leotards show EVERYTHING.

Does anyone have tips for how to keep people from suspecting your ED?
1 thinspired// thinspire_me

open me [ Sunday
January 14th, 2007 1:33am

ive been here for a while but yet to post
i guess i'm just ready now
my name is krista and im a junior in college
i'm 5'6" and too grossed out by my lbs.
since ephedra was banned a couple years ago my body and has been a roller coaster
ive surrounded myself with the wrong people and i'm going to get myself back.
i'm here for the support and friends. wish me luck :/
1 thinspired// thinspire_me

help? [ Tuesday
December 19th, 2006 1:11am

[ mood | blah ]

I'm tess.
im 17 and i weigh 115 lbs.
im only 5'1 though.
that is way too much.

i am physically and mentally able to fast, as the hunger goes away after a few days, but i liive in two environments where fasting and eating too little is not possible.

1) at home my parents are quite conscious of my behaviour when it comes to "self-harm." i've been a cutter for three+ years, and they check me all the time to makesure im not doing that again. they watch programs on HBO about self injury, drugs, sex, and eating disorders. they know all of the signs.
2) i go to boarding school, so while my parents arent watching me to make sure i eat, the faculty and staff of the school are. we have seated lunches everyday except tuesday, and seated dinner three days a week. the teachers go to breakfast and make sure we all eat "heartily."

since i have these authority figures surrounding me and making sure i ingest an adequate/over-adequate amount of food, i am unable to simply not eat. while my parents are quite aware of the signs of purging as accociated with bulimia, i live for most of the time away from them. the adults in my life at school are not looking out for trips to the bathroom or listening for tell tale noises.

so i want to be bulimic.

i need to lose this weight, and i simply dont have the drive or time to excercise and diet. school is so stressful this year--my first at one of the hardest boarding schools in the country--and i need an easier way to lose a significant amount of weight. it doesnt help that im doing swimming this season, and i HATE how i look in a bathing suit. i hate hate HATE my legs.

so this plan of mine is all well and good.
there's just one problem with the whole vomiting thing-- i have no gag reflex.
im worried about taking emetics during the day because i have classes to go to and cant be sure exactly when, how much, and for how long i will be vomiting.
i cannot induce vomiting by sticking things down the back of my throat because i simply do not have a gag reflex that can be stimulated by the actions.

i was wondering if you knew of, or could help me find, a way to gag myself to a vomit despite my inability to do so the conventional way.

also, if you could give me more info on the effectiveness of laxatives (and how long it takes them to kick in, how long they make you "go" for, and which are strongest), that would be wonderful.

thank you so much.
i know you understand my need to accomplish these goals.

1 thinspired// thinspire_me

[ Friday
December 8th, 2006 7:15am

i'm brand new.
my name is alison and i'm an 18 year old college freshman.
i hate my body and hate the way i look.
i'm just over 5'4" and weigh around 130 lbs.
i'd like to be 99 eventually.
and i'm looking for friends/support
thanks dolls

My Story [ Monday
December 4th, 2006 7:29pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

My Story
I have struggled with diagnosed anorexia nervosa for the past three years.
I've been in Stanford (lucile packard) eating disorder unit)
I was in a residential eating disorder treatment program in LA for three months.
My lowest weight was 79 lbs. at 5'4". I have had amenorrhea, anemia, minor heart attacks.. you name it, I've probably gone through it.
I have gone through the thoughts and the fears that you have. I promise.
So for about 2 years I was maintaining at 100-108, unhealthily [said my doctor]. Then 8 months ago all of what my doctor (that I have seen since my first hospital admission) had said for the past three years kinda kicked in, and I just went bonkers. I binged and binged and binged. I got my period back, my body operates normally.. etc. But as we all know, the ana voice is still there.
I am 5'4.5" and about 139 lbs.
I am now looking for a pill that could speed up my metabolism. Because I have doctors and parents on guard due to my history.
I need to loose weight. And I'm restricting my diet right now.
I'm just looking for support.
Thanks a bunch for listening!

3 thinspired// thinspire_me

HELP [ Friday
September 1st, 2006 2:03pm

Ok, I am freaking out. This is kindof gross, just a warning. I went o the bathroom today and my pee was GREEN. Like completely green. And when I looked into the toilet bowl the little droplets stayed in little circles, they didn't mix in with the water. Almost like vinegar does. It really scared me. I did realize that basically the only thing I've eaten for the past 4 or 5 days has been spinach dip and pita bread. Could the spinach be the cause? Please help me =[

[ Saturday
February 18th, 2006 4:01am

well, rules are I must introduce myself.

Hi. I'm "schism_within". I just started my journal to keep my "stuff" away from my friends and fiance's prying eyes. Wish me luck that he doesn't discover it.

[ Wednesday
January 4th, 2006 3:09pm

TAken From E! News:

A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL: Lindsay Lohan admitting to suffering from bulimia and becoming so thin she looked "disgusting" to herself, in an interview in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. The actress also admitting to using drugs "a little," but claiming to have "gotten that out of my system."
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workout [ Tuesday
November 29th, 2005 5:56pm

what are good ways of burning a lot of calories at home inside without workout equipment?
like i know jumping jacks and dancing and stuff, but what works best for you?
what burns the most calories?


2 thinspired// thinspire_me

[ Monday
October 31st, 2005 3:23pm

Read more...Collapse )
1 thinspired// thinspire_me

[ Saturday
October 22nd, 2005 6:49pm

Does anyone know of any dietary herbal/natrual supplements (or laxatives) that help you lose weight that actually work??


2 thinspired// thinspire_me

[ Wednesday
October 19th, 2005 4:37pm

Does anyone know the most accurate time of the day to weigh yourself?

I'm thinking morning, but I read that your weight fluctuates up to 6 pounds daily.

<3 x-post

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